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Lithium Polymer Battery Difference
Liquid Electrolyte lithium Polymer battery

 Gel Electrolyte lithium Polymer

Right now most lithium polymer batteries are these two kind.


The GEL cells have following advantages of Gel lithium polymer batteries
No leak Because the electrolyte in the Gel lithium polymer cells is not liquid.


High Safety
Can pass punch、impact of heavy 、 or impact at 150 ℃  etc…


Markyn Batteries


Thermal Strive at 150℃


Markyn Batteries


The surface is flat and hard, most suitable for ipad or two-way radio.

Markyn Batteries


Long Cycle-life


Markyn Batteries

300 times at 80%


 High C-Rate
Markyn Batteries

5C、10C、20C、30C or more  can be obtained.


Characteristics of high & low temperature

Markyn Batteries

Can be discharged at 60℃, and at the same time, can be discharged at -20℃ or -40 ℃, according to your demand.


Bad Side: High in Production Cost

Markyn Batteries

The above technology can be adopted for all the sizes of our lithium polymer batteries; our small cells, curved and thin cells can pass all the safety test with special materials.

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