• Item:: CP6V
  • Brief:: 6V 750mAh for camera

Publish time:2019-12-26 20:50:13

6V 750mAh for camera


? High Capacity

? High single cell voltage

? Light weight

? High security

? Low self-discharge rate

? Restricted for UL,UN38.3 and ROHS


Markyn Batteries




Nominal Capacity (1mA to 2.0V at 23℃) 750mAh
Rated voltage (V) 3.0
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 200mA
Max. Pulse Discharge Current 50mA
Current value is obtaining 2.0V cells voltage
When pulse is applied for 15 seconds at  25℃
Storage temperature 0~35 ℃
Operation temperature range -30℃~+60℃
Weight (g) 30g

Caution :

(1) Do not make the battery short-circuit and do not try to charge it.
(2) Do not over-discharge , press or burn the battery.
(3) The battery should be removed from the instrument on time when finishing discharging.
(4) The battery should be buried deeply in earth .
(5) Do not try to solder directly on battery.


Typical Cases
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